Table barbecue & music

Image 13-04-2018 at 12.35

It has been sometime since I talked about a weekly event that takes place every Friday at the Hauser’s … by now their Hot Stone Piöda has become a staple event in St Moritz, regardless of the season.

This traditional way of cooking – using special stones which are locally sourced – involves choosing from a wide range of raw meat and fish along with raw fruit and vegetables, small quails eggs and rashes of bacon, and then cooking these for yourself at the table.

It is a fun and delicious meal experience and I would like to hear from anyone who can remember which meats they have picked and then cooked. On most Fridays there are some 12 different types from beef, chicken and pork to exotic kangaroo, emu, crocodile and zebra. The prawns are succulent and you should try cooking the fresh pineapple with a slither of smoky bacon! Some get quite fancy and crack their quails eggs into a small onion ring to prevent it from running all over the stone.

As the evening goes by and more delicious wine has been drunk some confusion can occur as to whose piece of meat is grilling away, you certainly have to keep an eye out for  those who tend to lean over and innocently pinch your perfectly grilled piece of salmon!

The event is usually accompanied by live music and tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming young Swiss singer and songwriter Submaryn 






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