The shape of water at the Hauser’s

Version 2
If you happen to walk past the Hauser Hotel anytime soon you should check out the giant image that shimmers in the sunlight. Do you recognise it? This is Palpuangasee on the Albula pass. It happens to be a favourite of photographer Vaughan James as it captures
the light playing on the water and the intense colours of Autumn. Stand and watch the wind blow the canvas and you get a sense of actually watching the water flow!
Very apt given that this is one of a series of art pieces James is exhibiting for this year’s Art Masters at the Hauser Hotel.
I have always loved the Walk of Art – the annual event held in St Moritz to showcase surprising art in an informal setting. This is the 11th year of the Art Masters and this year my focus has been particularly drawn to Vaughan James’ photographic Art project called Water the Essential.
You may remember Vaughan from previous blogs – –  I have written talking about the great work he is doing via his art to bring more awareness to the issue of water shortage in the world.
The next giant canvas waving in the wind is of Silsersee and has the intense colours of

morning light. As James explains this evokes a deep feeling of peace and being at one with the world.
As the artist points out this year has been unique as we have experienced one of the hottest summers on record. The consequences have affected animals, people and plants as droughts and raging wild fires have captured the headlines. There is little doubt that we need to act fast and taking water and the environment seriously is not a choice but a matter of survival.
Vaughan outlines that the deeper goal of his work is to encourage a mindful contemplation of nature and to realise there is no separation between ourselves and our environment. 
He believes we can change by acting individually and collectively, and, as he points out, our legacy is not just what we leave behind but how we shift the paradigm to better integrate the environment into our everyday lives.
Do step in to check out more of his stunning photographs – the exhibition goes live on Friday 31 August.

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