What to do this Sunday morning….

Image 28-09-2018 at 10.49
I do realise that once you have tucked down for a good night’s sleep in one of our Moonwood rooms it may be a little difficult to tear yourself away and get up before daylight, but bear with me…
It may be a Sunday morning but this is well worth doing – get up at 3.30am this Sunday morning – 30 September – put some warm clothes on and walk briskly up to catch the cable car up to Piz Nair.
Don’t be late – it leaves at 4am. As you are whisked up the mountain it still looks like the middle of the night but once you reach the top you get to experience the sunrise which is quite something else when you are 3000 metres above sea level.
It is not every morning that the cable car goes up this early so do try and go up on this last day of September… and if the view isn’t enough to lure you out, you can also enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the summit restaurant!
Then, when you come back down you will still be in time to enjoy a well deserved second breakfast at the Hauser’s !
Do send in your photos from up there for those who don’t make it – we will be showcasing the best ones on Facebook!


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