The best of local Switzerland


Those who don’t know Switzerland very well will no doubt associate chocolate and cheese fondue with the country. One visit however will convince you that this is a country that is awash with delicious local produce! There is no doubt their chocolate is truly delicious and cheese fondue is perfect after an exilirating day of skiing, but there is so much more to devour and enjoy!

Little wonder the Hauser decided it was time to celebrate all the local delicacies it serves up, this is how their Etichetta range came about. They are constantly on the look out for new foods and drinks that are locally sourced and which they can showcase in their restaurant and at the Roo Bar.

Locally brewed organic beers rub shoulders with liqueurs made from local herbs and don’t get me started on the organic local wines! Of course there are cheeses, and nutty salamis, they even grow their hemp seeds (used in their breads and crackers) a few kilometres away.

Everything from their honey, milk, meat and eggs have a minimal environmental footprint and a big kick of taste and quality. So, when you are next in town, come on over and sample some of their tasty regional, seasonal delicacies.

You are welcome to take some home with you too – they love sharing the bounty!




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