Snow cycling


Do I need snow chains, I wondered? It is not everyday that you get to cycle across hard packed snow fields surrounded by a surreally beautiful landscape – but that is just what we recently did and it was the most amazing experience!46b1094b-5f5f-4203-9666-19b60cdb4f6f

We had a brief warm spell after a big snow dump and as soon as it got cold again we had the perfect cycle terrain – rock hard ice, glistening in the sun.


We cycled from St Moritz up to the Lago Bianco and all the way to Ospizio Bernina which is the Bernina Railway’s highest station  – some 2253 metres above sea level.


It certainly felt like we were cycling on top of the world – and if you would like to give it a  go we would be more than happy to take you on this adventure – we are just itching for an excuse to do it again! Ask at the reception for more information. And, no, you don’t need snow chains!




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